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Designing Hong Kong Harbour District
Appoints an Independent Panel for
the Research Report to the Government

(March 16, 2004, Tuesday) HONG KONG ---- In a luncheon with over 100 key stakeholders today, the appointment of the Independent Panel for the verification of the research report ‘Designing Hong Kong Harbour District’ was announced.
The Independent Panel includes:

  • Prof. Peter Hills, Director of the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management at The University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. K. C. Lam, Chairman of Geography and Resource Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Ms. Terri Mottershead, Director of Professional Development, MindTheme Consulting

“I’m delighted to be able to welcome such respected members of the Academic and Professional community and their expertise in urban planning, land development, environmental policy, sustainability, and corporate environmental governance,” said Paul Zimmerman, Chief-coordinator of Designing Hong Kong Harbour District.

Designing Hong Kong Harbour District is a project, which includes research among opinion shapers and leaders involved in planning decisions in Hong Kong, a workshop to build consensus among this group and a survey of members of the community and various conferences and seminars. The ultimate deliverable will be a report to the Government on Principles for Designing and Managing Hong Kong Harbour District. The objective is to identify the key principles for a sustainable planning process, which can guide capacity building for 9.2 million residents and 70 million tourists by 2030, while protecting the harbour as a core asset.

The task of the Independent Panel is to verify that this is a fair and balanced reflection of the research findings.

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About “Designing Hong Kong Harbour District”

Using the name, “Hong Kong Harbour District”, to embrace Victoria Harbour, the harbour front and surrounding districts on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, the Initiative calls for an integrated plan and public consultation process for the entire Hong Kong Harbour District. The objective is to identify consensus on actionable principles for sustainable planning. The initiative is an open invitation for individuals and parties from the government, business, professional, academic and community groups to partake in the consensus-building process.

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EnviroSeries Conference & Seminars 3 - 7 May, 2004
Sponsors: Gammon Skanska Limited, Island Shangri-La Hotel Hong Kong, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited, The Swire Group, The Wharf (Holdings) Limited. Organizer: Business Environment Council

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