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Harbour Action Group calls for Rezoning of KCRC's Hung Hom Freight Yard

(11 May, 2006, Thursday) ---- Designing Hong Kong Harbour District has submitted a proposal to the Town Planning Board to rezone the existing Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation's pier and adjacent areas in Hung Hom. The same proposal will also be submitted to the harbour-front Enhancement Committee for consideration.

The intention is to encourage the conversion of the pier to uses more compatible with the central harbour area. The proposal is submitted in the public interest. It provides a context for the KCRC to plan for up-grading of the area and to provide public access to the waterfront.

"The site is currently being rented out to mid-stream operators for a nominal amount of money. In fact, KCRC should give the site back to the Lands Department so that it can be used to connect the Tsimshatsui harbour-front with the promenade in Hung Hom," said Paul Zimmerman , the Convener of Designing Hong Kong Harbour District.

"Our plan is not new. In fact, the Planning Department has made similar proposals in their PLANNING STUDY ON THE HARBOUR AND ITS WATERFRONT AREAS in 2003. The KCRC has admitted they don't need the site for their own operations. In fact they made a proposal to put a large development on the site. This was rejected by the Town Planning Board. I hope that this new initiative will ensure the early return of the site for public use," Paul explained.

The application is made under section 12 A of the Town Planning Ordinance, and proposes the rezoning of part of the “Other Specified Uses” zones on the Tsim Sha Tsui Outline Zoning Plan and Hung Hom Outline Zoning Plan to “Other Specified Uses” annotated “Waterfront Related Commercial and Leisure Uses”, for the the KCRC Pier and adjacent areas, in Hung Hom.

Designing Hong Kong Harbour District seeks to develop consensus on sustainable development of the harbour-front.


(For more information on the proposals for Hung Hom, see section 7.3, Hung Hom Waterfront Action Area Plan , PLANNING STUDY ON THE HARBOUR AND ITS WATERFRONT AREAS, 2003. )

For more information, contact Paul Zimmerman , 9096 0250 or

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