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Town Planning Board Agrees To Make Building Smaller And Create Open Space In Oil Street

(28 October, 2005 , Friday) ---- Today, Town Planning Board accepted the design principles for Oil Street and agreed to reduce the development intensity and create more open space in North Point. However, rather than accepting the rezoning proposal, the Planning Department will change the planning brief for approval by the Town Planning Board in the near future.

"We congratulate the Town Planning Board and Planning Department in supporting the proposed changes. We urge the Government to ensure that the new planning brief for Oil Street is developed with full participation by the Eastern District Council and the Harbour-front Enhancement Committee before submitting it to the Town Planning Board," said Paul Zimmerman , Convenor of Designing Hong Kong Harbour District.

"We are clearly very disappointed with the refusal by the Government, and specifically the Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands, to have the changes to Oil Street confirmed with a rezoning of the site. It is a clear signal that the Government has no commitment to harbour-front enhancement or listening to the community. Changing the planning brief without revisiting the outline zoning plans will now result in uncertainty for the market, and a significant delay before the site can be put back on the Application List for sale," said Paul Zimmerman .

"All in all, today has proven the lack of sincerity on the side of the Administration, and the urgent need for an overhaul of our Town Planning mechanisms. The Town Planning Board is hardly independent given the number of Government versus unofficial members," Paul noted.

"Given the now likely delay, we urge the Government to create a simple temporary park, so that the residents can enjoy the area until the site is handed over to a developer,' Paul concluded.

Paul Zimmerman
Convenor, Designing Hong Kong Harbour District
9096 0250


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