Harbour Views 24 July 2007

Central Waterfront Design: 311 competitors

Designing Hong Kong has been taken by surprise as 311 international and local architects and planners have registered for the international urban planning and design competition for the central waterfront.

The registrations came from all over the world: 30% are from Europe, 30% from Hong Kong/China, 20% from the United States/Canada, 15% from Asia, and the remainder from Latin America and the Middle East.

The majority (85%) are leading professional teams and the remainder is made up by student teams from schools in the United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong such the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Hong Kong University Centre for Urban Planning and Environmental Management.

The only down-side is a positive problem: the organisers have to rethink the venue for display of the entries.

The deadline for submission by registered teams is 1 September 2007, after which the designs and plans will be made available for public viewing.

English press release

Chinese press release