Harbour Views 8 July 2007

Lights Out in Sai Kung Country Park

To read up on the background and to sign the petition click here.

The Highways Department, in their wisdom, has decided to install 80 lights along Pak Tam Road between Lady MacLehose Village and Uk Tau in Sai Kung Country Park.

The majority along roads through Sai Kung East Country Park that are unused by humans - but inhabited by numerous wildlife. In the opinion of most residents, the lights are totally unnecessary and they will have a direct impact on their quality of life, on the wildlife, on our carbon footprint - for no good reason.

Over the course of 3 meetings with residents, the Highways Department could not be convinced to reduce the number of lights, justifying their decision with guidelines developed for urban areas. They only conceded to change the design and wattage of the lights slightly.

The cost to the taxpayer for the lights is $1.4million. The application for an "excavation permit" is expected to be completed in one month.

Outraged Sai Kung residents are encouraging people to sign the petition and to write letters to the Director of the Highways Department, the Secretary for the Environment, the Secretary for Transportation and Housing, and the Director of Audit. Click here for the contact details.

You are encouraged to forward this to all friends and colleagues who care about conservation and maintaining the rural nature of our parks because this step is just one more step towards the destruction of the parks.

More information about attacks on the parks (e.g. the extension of landfill sites into Country Park areas) at http://www.exploresaikung.com To sign the petition click here.