Harbour Views 6 July 2007

Hong Kong's Historic Street Market Under Threat

The Central Street Market covering Peel Street, Cage Street and Graham Street is under threat. A new development by the Urban Renewal Authority will disturb the economy of this street market which has operated in the area since 1850.

Moreover, and despite calls by members of the Legislative Council - including a motion by Vincent Fang of the Liberal Party in January this year - the Government is continuing a 'no new license policy' resulting in stalls to disappear together with their aging owners.

The solution is simple:
1) Revamp the licensing policy and issue new licences;
2) Designate Peel, Graham and Cage street as a bazaar;
3) Provide storage space to stall holders in the new URA developments at equitable rents.

Tourism surveys consistently rank Hong Kong's street markets and bazaars as the second most popular attraction (after the Peak). So why not create a policy to enhance and improve our street markets?

Click here for a BBC picture story of the Central Street Market.